It’s all too personal

I realized today that I have filth accumulated in me. I also realized that god brought me down to earth. Great people have humble beginnings complimented with  a series of great downfalls during their struggle.

Only your work, hard work will get you places to which you can’t even dream of! Can you imagine why you can’t dream of those places? They are simple places to dream about in the first place, but do you know why they are so unimaginable? It is because the people who work hard so much do not have the time or luxury to believe that they have achieved it. They keep going on.

Talk to yourself. Rectify your mistake. Accept it as it comes. Move on to a better place. Sometime’s you have to face the embarrassment, sometimes you get spit on and chewed up, sometimes you are left with nothing but the will to live. You must realize that even in the darkest times, remain honest and be brave. They will guide you like the wings of an angel.

It hurts doesn’t it? The struggle? The everyday grit of waking up to a “will it happen?”, “is today going to be THAT day?”. Know that it might be if you focus on the moment. Focus in the now. Forget about what happened and what will happen. It’s what makes you stronger, wiser and a revered human being.




Where do you go?
What did you see?
Did you feel instigated
Did you not understand
Are you feeling complicated
Misplaced, out of hand?
Why don’t you speak?
Why do you sleep?
Don’t you want to wake up to the sunlight?
Breathe in some fresh air?
Don’t worry if your wrong or right
Whatever you do, I care. I care
What shall we be?
Let’s just wait and see

Looking below


Is this my biggest test?
My world is in shambles
Did I give it my best?
I feel deprived of sleep and rest

The eyes seem to tell it all
The rivers run red
Into that dark hole
Where are those shiny days?
Where is that beautiful goal?

To change the world within me
To follow my dreams and be free
To know that at the back of your mind
You struggle with your worries
You struggle with your past
You struggle with your decisions
You struggle with love
And even after being burdened with all these pillars
You carry on with a smile
Hoping that one day
Everything is going to be fine


To death!

“If only I could hear her voice, that sweet angelic voice that makes me fly beyond the heavens, that is sweeter than the finest wine you could ever taste; would I be at peace on this battlefield. I see bloodshed around me, it’s like the blood on the inside has become our skin with the outer layer peeled off due to the intolerance of violence. Am I approaching death? I ask myself knowing that a single piece of metal could bring an end to me. The world is on the brink of destruction and yet all I want is a phone to tell my love that she means more to me than this war.”
“I think about her smile, her hair fluttering on her face due to the wind; sitting on me and reminding me that no matter if the Germans bomb the streets of London or even our roof, this feeling of us together will always be home. I carry this sentiment as I am ready to charge on against the S.S! If I win this war, I could return to my love a proud Englishman and a loving husband. This is my mission, this is my goal.”
“Secure your feelings men, for this day is a new opportunity for us to fight for the ones we love! For if we look past our fears, in this valley of death would we find victory!”
A final battle cry in the most unfathomable odds!


A song for myself


Keep on walking little soldier
Stars are shining for ya
Don’t let down your shoulder
You carry only dreams with you

Don’t get scared of the night
Be a little brave and bolder
You can put up a fight
My brave little soldier

Keep on marching
Keep on marching
Keep on marching
Keep on marching