To death!

“If only I could hear her voice, that sweet angelic voice that makes me fly beyond the heavens, that is sweeter than the finest wine you could ever taste; would I be at peace on this battlefield. I see bloodshed around me, it’s like the blood on the inside has become our skin with the outer layer peeled off due to the intolerance of violence. Am I approaching death? I ask myself knowing that a single piece of metal could bring an end to me. The world is on the brink of destruction and yet all I want is a phone to tell my love that she means more to me than this war.”
“I think about her smile, her hair fluttering on her face due to the wind; sitting on me and reminding me that no matter if the Germans bomb the streets of London or even our roof, this feeling of us together will always be home. I carry this sentiment as I am ready to charge on against the S.S! If I win this war, I could return to my love a proud Englishman and a loving husband. This is my mission, this is my goal.”
“Secure your feelings men, for this day is a new opportunity for us to fight for the ones we love! For if we look past our fears, in this valley of death would we find victory!”
A final battle cry in the most unfathomable odds!



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