It’s all too personal

I realized today that I have filth accumulated in me. I also realized that god brought me down to earth. Great people have humble beginnings complimented with  a series of great downfalls during their struggle.

Only your work, hard work will get you places to which you can’t even dream of! Can you imagine why you can’t dream of those places? They are simple places to dream about in the first place, but do you know why they are so unimaginable? It is because the people who work hard so much do not have the time or luxury to believe that they have achieved it. They keep going on.

Talk to yourself. Rectify your mistake. Accept it as it comes. Move on to a better place. Sometime’s you have to face the embarrassment, sometimes you get spit on and chewed up, sometimes you are left with nothing but the will to live. You must realize that even in the darkest times, remain honest and be brave. They will guide you like the wings of an angel.

It hurts doesn’t it? The struggle? The everyday grit of waking up to a “will it happen?”, “is today going to be THAT day?”. Know that it might be if you focus on the moment. Focus in the now. Forget about what happened and what will happen. It’s what makes you stronger, wiser and a revered human being.



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