Come thinker

Ideas are like ironies
They come with such force
But end up like tragedies
Cause the people who tell you
That it’s going to come true
Are the people who pull you down
Slowly, where there’s nothing new
To think about,
hear em out,
shout out aloud
Stay focused, little man
Fight em hard, hard as you can
Wake up to the heavy headedness
Speak to your body, you better confess
That you’re done with the shit
That’s been pulling you down
Making people see you
Like a carnival clown
Open those eyes
Open the rhythm
With that slick attitude
Like a poisonous venom
Feel the anger surging through you
Feel it calm when you’ve crossed that line
Work hard like the sun shines
Cover every place on the globe
Make yourself believe that
You are your last hope

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