We’re all crazy people

All my vices are stripped off me. I feel nothing for nothing. The meaning of life keeps changing at every turn! It’s a little vexing to know that I don’t have a lifestyle anymore. It’s like I cleaned a plate and I’ve got to start filling it again. I do this at every phase, it’s been two phases now but I’ve grown  at every turn. It’s beautiful. It’s like life is preparing me for something big, something special. I feel it but I don’t know it yet.

Looking on the bright side is that, I’m highly motivated. I’m going to start working out and I’m reading already. It’s great. When I go for a run, I know that I have a long way to go but hey at least I’ve started haven’t I?

When you are clouded by the things that other people do, you’re just killing yourself. Don’t do that. That’s the problem with this entire system. We’re too busy thinking about what other people are up to, what they are thinking. Enough, you don’t have to do that. They are not sleeping beside you, they are not even bothered if you exist.

It’s a beautiful journey ahead and it’s going to be tough. But from a simple thing like untying a knot makes you challenged, then shaping up your confidence is amazing isn’t it?

Love? It’s going to happen when it has to happen buddy! No force on earth can make it happen but how you treat the people around you, how you treat yourself and how simple you make your life.






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