Homer’s home


Why doesn’t home feel like what it once was? Why does it feel alienated? Did I abandon her? Was it not the right thing to do at the time?

The Past:

Yes the past was rough. It had its moments of pain and happiness. But it was beautiful. There was nothing to be afraid of, just another day.

The Present:

The present predicament is that my boat is fine. The wind is steady, the sails are fluttering and I have never enjoyed the sound of silence. But you see what my worry is that the seas are calm. Maybe I’m used to rough seas, but maybe this is not bad after all.

The Future:

What does my future hold? I cannot possibly fathom. Because every time I think my future is certain it becomes otherwise. Hence, no thinking; just doing.

Do you have what it takes? To run faster than you possibly could? To take all that negativity, pain and suffering and still come out smiling? Because at the end, that exhausting end which ironically turns out to be a new beginning tastes so magical that for once, the world doesn’t seem like a bad place after all.



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