The lone Star

It’s just me, I’m not going to hurt you. You have been there for billions of years, yet I took the opportunity to look at you face to face after 22 years.

How can people forget how beautiful you are. How radiant you are and how lonely you are.

The connection between the human and the star lasts as long as your concentration is in tact, until then it’s just emptiness you are looking at.

You know you are connected when the star starts flickering and moving. You can see the luminance, as if it were breathing. Pure white light being sucked into your eyes, with the world still.

You remain motionless,no wind on your face, no sound that can break this silence. Just light radiating in different directions.

Finally, your screen fills up with grains, your lens now so sensitive to light that you can see light colliding with one another and giving one the impression of a stormy sea, a silent hurricane naked to the human eye.

Oh ye lonesome star,
Take thee with ye
You are the zenith of my imagination
You are a dreamers salvation
Come down ye wanderer of old
Come in your chariot of light
Come to this polluted carcass
Come today, this summer night



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