The fool who thought too much


How do you feel?
Do you feel alive?
Do the actions of your words
Make you agile?

How do you move?
Do you pass by as swift as the South west wind bringing the rain
Do you trickle down like cold water on a naked skin
Do you feel strange?

How do you see?
Do you see shadows in front and bodies at the back?
Do you see their eyes first and then react?
Is it the truth in their reactions that make you feel wrong?
Do you still see yourself the same even when they are gone?

Does it hurt?
When they stab you in the back?
Or do they spit lies on your face
And make sure you don’t react
Does it hurt?
When your closest allies sleep in bed, slithering entangled in lust with your own flesh and blood?
Does it hurt? When you don’t want to inflict pain but resolve with your heart?

Can you believe?
That one day
You will smile and feel happy
Knowing that of all the horrors
They have wisdom
As they set you free



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