The 12th Year

They say sometimes it’s bad to be good and good to be bad. “They” really had things messed up didn’t they? I can relate to this because I’ve always considered myself a calm one, a poised well balanced individual. But that was just one aspect from which I was looking at.

Over the years, I’ve widened my horizon, soul searched the needed characteristics and junked the unnecessary. It’s comfortable with where I am.

But just like giving a messianic speech a heckler with the most profound magnitude comes your way and there you go, you keep aside your speech, walk down that podium; look at her in the eye and say: “Hello! Where the hell have you been?

It’s been a decade of many events and I’m the luckiest sob to have this one, this one moment in my hands, protect it, showcase it, treasure it and believe that yes it was worth the wait.

There comes a phase when you search and you don’t find it, persevere yet feel like stopping and finally you let go and it just comes back to you as quick as to blink an eye.

The feeling is overwhelming,but I guess the wait was to make me mature enough for this moment. Not to desperately try to seize it or own it but to let it settle in and to see if it accepts you or not.

Whatever it is, it feels great to live in this moment. I’ve found peace in my past.