Bird on a hill

Oh Slumbering hill
When do you wake?
Your breath gives me the chill
You give everything away
Yet there’s nothing for you to take

Oh sleepingly hill
What makes you great?
Your vast numbers of trees
Or the riveting earth
The meandering river
Or the windfull mirth?

Oh merrydom hill
Where the birds sing and tease
Where the waters unfreeze
Where the summer winds are a breeze

Oh timeless giant
I shall never do you harm
For you let me stay
In the sanctity of your heart
Giving me shelter
From the iron world smelter

For I am a bird on a hill
With a little heart and soul
If you think that’s enough
Then I’d make you whole
I’d do my part
From the morn till the dark
Keeping you safe
From the humanly stark



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