The Perfect pen


I cannot tell you how difficult it is. To be swallowed by the darkness. It’s empty yet it is filled with hate and dispare. What would it take to come out of it? The void of nothingness is without meaning. My very breathe echoes for eternity, yet still no soul in the slightest distance. It is cold, I try to move, break this floating feeling of emptiness it’s of no use. I do not even break a sweat. I lie still, wandering in the dark. No edges, no walls and no turns and crosses. Meandering in the vastness of the black space. I cry, tears come out but fall short of courage to let go of the only vessle that cares about them else they have no place to go in this vastness. My body might just explode and the shards of my life shall wander in the void of darkness still not ending this destitude of eternity.

I calm myself. I start to think. For it is my only salvation from the dark curtain that unfolds everytime I try to look with my eyes. What have I done to perish in this? What was the last thing that I ever did? Is this, it couldn’t be! It is too real to be true, I can feel the vastness, the floating stature of mine cannot be a mistake. But is it? Could this just be a part of me I have been ignorant towards? A dream? Reminding me of my failings yet to come if I do not succeed? Is this what lies ahead for fallen heroes who fall pray for an end?

Must I slumber? To recompile myself. To rid myself of this madness? Yes. That’s the doorway.
I close my eyes to see the same darkness that once bedazzled me. For i wake knowing that I had never opened them in the first place. I wake up from this unfathomable dream to see the burning wood turned into ash, to smell the morning haze, to feel the might of the sun kissing your skin and waking your senses.
Yes I have awakened, from this nightmare. But there is much more to see for I fear this journey has just begun. 


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