The fiddle of the riddle


Riddling the riddled riddler’s expression
I have now come to know
I worry for him now in this gripping yet cunning
Exponential show

He tries to take my heart into his show
Swindled by the smell, heartless as hell
Why would this riddler not go?
Riddle that fiddle
And make me a tune worthy for my senses to glow
Corporate t-shirts mean nothing to me
Can I show you something that wont be a bore?

Sometimes what it takes is a little design
A design of mine that will make things fine
And will set your eyes ablaze!
To see this complexity
Come crashing down as you let go.

The riddler seems displeased
The world seems to be changing
It’s a bygone era of hope
An era of hope soon to elope
With the new heir of tomorrow’s youthful intervention

The riddler walks, as he talks
Into the cornery alley and duskinson’s pub
Drinking some malt, in a small cup
For he has nothing no more.


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