Sweet bird of the seventh district 

​Carry these wounded soldiers 

Oh fate!

These soldiers of blood shed and hate 

Gather around all you folks of the hill

Come take all you can, more than your fill
Oh merry good jumping lady folk

Why do you give so much hope?

To the leaping lads of tomorrow?

Who hide their pity and feed on sorrow
Mr minister where do you go?

You seem so bright, look at you glow 

Come righteousness young

Look at the elders

At the expense of your fun
Jumbled in their head alright

Drunk jn vanity, the plight

Shadows casting a grey skin tone

Please don’t make me go there alone
It’s dark, cold and shiverously fun

Call me crazy, but I have none 

When will be the hour of the sun?

What time will we eat?

What time will we be done?
Can I rhyme all my life alone?

I feel so sad for my very own 

Have to pick up the pieces of my loss

Freeze time, that’s the cost.


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