Searching for seashell

What makes a man? Is it vices? The enticement you get when he makes things look extraordinary? When he makes things look simple for you to believe that it might be worth the risk? Just open your eyes and lay your arms out as wide as you can and feel that warmth, that warmth which you feel when you’ve done all you could and the rest is UpTo the planet which keeps spinning until it’s time to stop? Does he have it in him to tell the woman that he loves her? Does he have it in him to chase his dreams and make the world a better place? Does he have what it takes to think of the unthinkable and win the unwinnable? If he wants to be a millionaire or a loving human being? There’s no ending to the possibilities of what you can achieve, it’s all out there. People do the unthinkable all the time, just step into the light and achieve your share of the glory even if it’s as little as bringing a smile to another human being or animal in their time of need. There’s no script for you to follow, just write on as you go along. 


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