The cold ball of fire

Do me a favor, listen to yourself
Do you a favor? I’d love to help
Meeting new strangers
Is a surprise!
Fly me in danger
And I will comply

To those times where you feel alone
To those times where you could have gone
Let them go, let them fly
Where you can’t catch them with the eye
The sun will never set unless you want it to
The sea will rise if you deem it so
Don’t you ever look down
There’s more to you than a frown

Anticipating the forthcoming danger
Standing tall next to a ranger
Fierce as a wall, unbreakable
A heart of a lion, unshakable

The winter is on the horizon
It’s crashing down on the plains of Lunkala
Freedom has yet to be earned
The sweat of your brow and the strength of your back
Will put you where you want to be, on the right track