The human

It’s a pleasant day, the trees are swaying, the dogs are soaking in the winter sun and the birds are washing themselves up just fine. A human has a bone to pick with all this. A human is restless and irritated. 

The human looks at the sky and wishes he could fly. He looks at the bird and he envys and imitates the creature to its very mechanics. The human looks at the trees and creates buildings of rest. The human looks at the dogs and creates the best bed to sleep on. The human looks at the beasts of the wild and builds weapons of mass destruction. The human envies the fish and creates a pool of vast spaces for his liesure. The human imitates everything to become the dominant species. 

The human has no limits. Yet after every feat the human wants more. 


Have you failed recently? 

Could one long for faliure rather than success? It’s true. All those who fail become philosophers. But I am truly humbled. The mixed emotions of pain, agony, sadness amplified to amounts you cannot possibly perceive and here I am in a crowd expressing just one emotion, “nothingness”. 

It’s been a long time since I failed. And in such kind of an opportunity that has given me what I deserve. But am I going to cling on to this forever? Yes. Not for the wrong reasons. But I am going to use this as a reminder in the most realistic way to bring about a change in me. 

I have truly realised, that it’s all on you to perform at the right moment. How does one light the fire? Through happiness? No. It’s always lit during the most grim times of your life. And you better be proud about that. Be happy that you failed. Let it flow through. Take the lashing of defeat. For you have only lost the battle as the war is yet to be won.