A friend from the north

For reasons unknown, I was browsing through my facebook messenger. It was a dull day, I was at my friend’s place and we were hardly doing anything productive as a group. The wind was blowing into that small computer room which in fact, ironically was the most happening place at nights. But this time it was different, it was boredom. Out of all the commotions happening inside our heads, the room was as silent as the cantonment library.  I happened to be on a surface which filled in all the roles for our numerous occasions, a dancefloor, bed, sofa, and a stage.  Sitting on it like a wriggling fish out of the water, I opened my phone. Now when you open your phone it’s generally to check if you’ve got any new messages or just browse because like the moment in which nothing is happening, seems like you have the same predicament on your phone as well. I browse through everything, Instagram, Facebook, Ninegag, Snapchat, In-shorts, The Hindu, and nothing is dazzling me!  The last place I would generally go to is facebook messenger. There’s something about facebook, I disconnected myself from it. There seem to be many friends but you just can’t talk to them because you don’t know them and it’s not like you can’t talk to them it’s just that it seems odd and as a social media platform that sucks. It comes down to the bottom line that I have many friends but I speak to a few and that’s the same with others. Its social media nature I guess. I try to see the list in which I can start up a conversation and I find something strange. There’s a girl on my list who I don’t know of. I have no memory of adding her or even sending an invite. No mutual friends exist. But she’s online and she’s my friend.


To be continued…