As Darkness Falls

Can you tell me where to fall?
Can you lead me to it all?
That pool of watery grey,
Those trees in the desert,
Every time I pray for redemption,
I get cast back to hell.

At the slopes of bloodstained gates,
I see the marks of ruined fortunes,
The greed of every taste,
The dreams that now lie in waste,
In chains, I gallop into darkness,
No torture drum beats,
No goblins in the shadow,
No burning fire heat.

Who is to say that all men pray?
In this dungeon of solitude,
Where light shines in the dark,
In dungeons of their own,
Where mighty heavenly angels lay.

I look into their primordial eyes,
They change with every soul’s gaze,
As I look deeper to see the color,
I see rage and a color red ablaze.

Oh mighty angel, why are you here?
The angel not speaking, conveyed through thoughts,
I am here for you are here,
Your hell is my hell,
For humanity needs a guardian,
As all children do,
Look closer young one,
A prison of your design,
I am with you in your suffering,
When all you are with rage or benign.