About LPT

People tell a lot about life, experiences and share their insights about it.

Well apart from the fictional drama that we create on screen or a book; there is a constant natural force spinning us in the right direction.

There is something that we always strive for, never satisfied with our wants; always more.

For me, my imaginative space is my craving, i need the time to do so.

Little People Thinkers is something which popped out of my head; the name just struck me and at first i reckoned what could this name or title symbolize, what could it stand for? And i was too much into the people’s problems that i had very less time for myself; and i thought to myself maybe this is my conscience telling me “this is for you”. this is your path of creative space and no one can mess around with it.

Creativity must never be duplicated but must be shared in the best of spirits, is what i believe.

Let the paintings of your mind flow and color the earth.


A symbol makes it easy

A symbol makes it easy



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