Could i say that it was worth the risk? It was worth me falling off a tree? Me balancing myself miserably, shamelessly just capture this picture, this digital portrait?



Because its all about being “Different”

In the world today we live for other people some say, but how true can that be? Everyone lives, eats and dies for their own selfish desires. They are coated by a selfless exterior to hide their true motives. But its about being new, Not pretending to be someone else or to do something so elaborate that it has to catch the peoples view but its about being something different from the crowd to get noticed. You get laughed at, made fun off, even get bullied but that’s alright. You can take it. Somewhere down the line its that special someone or them special someone’s who will greet you with open arms. That’s the true deep meaning about being different. Having the will to be patient.


There was something i wanted to tell

But its impossible, stuck in this shell

Caged, trapped an left to be

A soul adrift at sea

Waiting to end up on the sea shore

After years of peace

If there was any other statement people like making

On myself, my clothes, my style as a whole

Pushing me, making me a troll

I’m still happy and walking up tall

Because its time everyone knows it all

That what I’m saying is true

That i am being more like me

And less of you


A third Chance

Hey folks,

I’m sorry i have been out for a while not posting. Been quite busy, in fact i was so busy that i had thoughts filling my head. This thought always hit me. If we loved someone at the start, first love you would call it; do we end up with them or we just find someone better. There is a time in my life where the past comes knocking on my door paying me a visit. I accept it, i open the door and relive the past to make my future better, comfortable and prepared. Because the only challenge or enemy you face out there is yourself. I loved someone back when i was young. I turned into a monster in my love. My love became my hate, my hate became lust. I am honored or grateful that she considers me as her friend now. But the truth is buried deep within. Things could have worked out or they wouldn’t have. Things changed forever. We went our separate ways and found success. Can we be destined to come back together? I got my second chance and i screwed that up. People get second chances. i lost mine a long time ago. I had to kill the monster deep inside of me. A monster who made me. I did it. But by then it was too late. She left, and i made sure that i never came into her life. I was not worthy. Not fit to even say hello. But now things have changed. We are back to where things were, the simple chat’s on the phone, as friends. I don’t know if the past haunts her or reflects off our conversations; if she thinks about it. I hope it doesn’t cause we have buried the past.The love still exists deep down i suppose, never to re surface.  I hope i got a third chance, i would love to make amends. Because i always wanted to ask for forgiveness, this is something which is pulling me back. It never comes out but deep within its there, taunting me,hurting me. But maybe i am not destined to do so. What happened there, happened. It was the end. But still, i respect her for changing my life for the better. I respect her for leaving me. If i was all the writer, the listener, the photographer, the poet, the artist, the helper, a friend, a person, a happy soul. It is because of her. My success is because of her in a way no one can imagine. I thank you.



Lanterns in the sky

To dream of a lantern sky
Is to wonder of what goes by
Family, Friends, those moments
Those intimate paths and dark potholes
Where each to his own with his or her own goals
My heart is beating smoothly
Yet its pumping hard
Love is something i can speak, fluently
But its not my trump card
I think of success and the fortune
Its nothing but a pile of sand dune
It will erode with the next wind
If i go my way alone
I’l be successful but a stationary stone
I’d eat, sleep, drink and sit
Thinking if i become successful, who will i share it with?

An Ode to the World


Can you see the black clouds in the sky?
Can you see the shining sun?
Floating in the open space
Watching them fly
You can see that you have won
In your mind
No one notices
that you are kind
They just see
the cruel complexion
Used as deflection
To deflect the bad
The bad of life, things which you should have had
Making you so happy and yet so sad
Living the life of your dreams
Yet hear the struggle of the screams
See the poor soul on the road
Do a little something for him
Be it an indirect ode
Which would get him a little attention
That the world still cares for its children
Because we have to return it someday
The life that we have been given