I’m an outcaste

Here you are
Sitting on a chair
People start judging you
From the legs to your hair
They’ve been at it
Since a long time
Cutting you out
When you’re spitting your last rhyme
As a kid, nobody told me
Nobody controlled me
I was set free
To be what I wanted to be
But I don’t know what’s good for me
I don’t know what’s there to see
I’m on the edge of an edge
That is made by me
Because I can’t confess
Cause no one has the time to listen to me!
Always pushed around
Pushed back
Have to work twice as hard
Run hard on the track
Flexing the muscles
Flexing the brain cells
Till you hit the sack!
I’m still running
On this empty track
Made fun off
Just so that they have something to yap
Don’t give it to them
Don’t give in
Everytime they want to poke me
Uppercut them to the chin
Yeah, it’s hard
It’s hard to be you
It’s hard to do the things that you want to do
That you love, respect and would die for it
Don’t waste your time listening
to them, not for one bit
Be happy when you fall down
Into an empty cup
You got to face your deamons
You got to face your fears
Cause you got to be angry
If you ever want to get back up!

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