To oneself, to all self

Think of the struggling
juggling days
You keep reminiscing
What if you had it your way?
Don’t let that move you
Let that confuse you
Let that mix up the spinless emotion that pushes you to the edge of the scene
And reminds you about one thing!

Where did you start from?
Why did you start at all?
Why didn’t you let it fall?
Why you couldn’t let down your gaurd even when you heard the call
It’s your right, your fight
Living the dream the next day or tonight
Keeping calm is delusional
Committing harm is a sin
And you’ve got to mean it unless you win
Win for yourself
Win for the glory
Win for the people who give a damn about your story
Don’t forget about them, push them, stop believing in em

Stay steady as a sniper
Skilled like the piper
In this town of fighters
Tumbling down like a can of peanuts
Peanuts just peanuts
Is that your worth?
What is your worth?
Think your a pile of dirt?
Don’t think so,just do so.


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